Blade Sea Plane

Fly Blade, the ‘Uber of Helicopters’, Expands Operations to India

US-based helicopter flight firm Fly Blade has formed a joint venture with Hunch Ventures to start intercity helicopter service from Mumbai to Pune and Shirdi, though operations initially will be intracity

Blade will have hubs in Mumbai’s upscale oceanfront neighborhood Juhu and in Mahalaxmi, home to the city’s famous horse racing track. It plans to offer flights between the two heliports, as well as to Pune, the closest major city, and Shirdi, a popular religious site about 150 miles away.

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AirBnB Airline

AirBnB Exploring Aviation and Transportation Opportunities

Airbnb hires aviation veteran to focus on transportation opportunities. And no, Airbnb doesn’t plan to build an airline. But it just hired a major aviation veteran to help the company move beyond its core rental business.

Airbnb has been interested in aviation for years. In 2016, the company was reportedly working on a flight booking feature, and tech news site The Information reported last year that Chesky had once considered launching an airline.

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