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Quantum XYZ is the U.S. VTOL leader in products, services, innovation, reliability and customer experience. Headquartered in California, Qxyz will be offering daily VTOL departures within Los Angeles. Qxyz will be serving nearly 4 million people, taking customers across its industry-leading intra-city network to more than 10 destinations.


Quantum XYZ

Quantum XYZ, Incorporated
1055 West 7th Street,
33rd Floor Penthouse
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Tony Thompson

Founder & CEO

Zeeshan Moha

Co-Founder & President

Napp Da

Co-Founder & Vice President

Scott Akina

Vice President

Thomas Stuckey

JDA Aviation

Dave Hopkins


Barbara Lichman

Aviation Attorney

Joseph Del Bazo

JDA Aviation

George Bye

Bye Aero

Jamie Vega

Marcus Allen

Mark Knabe

Paul Hanley

Our goal is to bring urban air travel to everyone, everywhere, safely. Come build the future with us or just stay updated!

Disruptive Aviation
On-demand Air Travel
1st VTOL Airline
Repurpose Infrastructure
Less Traffic, More Fun
Alleviate Congestion


Quantum XYZ Inc.
Downtown Los Angeles
+1 (866) 536-9332